Dungeons: The Dragoning

1.1 - Mutton for Punishment

Caravan to Phandalin

Driftwood Tavern
As all adventurers do, our crew found themselves at the tavern. Presented with all the food and ale their stomachs could handle from their mutual acquaintance Gundren Rockseeker, The group knew based on the spread that their friend had them all signed up for something either dangerous or stupid, and possibly both. Un-phased by either possibility the group enjoyed their night of consumption. Mead was had, Meat was flung ( ahem Erathar Frostfall ) , peace was purchased ( through more mead ) and the crew enjoyed their final rest before setting out on the road.
The Road to Phandalin
The road was long and grueling though peaceful for the adventurers for the first day. Nuggèt von Chrönléif XXXXII scholarly legs caused him to suffer from exhaustion after just one day and was given the spot in the cart our of pity and to help the group keep the pace.
The Ambush
Shortly thereafter the wagon approached a narrow piece of the road stretched between two wooded areas of high ground. The corpses of two horses blocked the way. Sensing the possible danger the crew prepared defenses and attempted to clear the carcass blockade. Just as they attempt to clear the first horse, an arrow fizzes from the tree line on one of the mounds. Quinton Tipple raises his shield and laughs off the crudely made arrow. Raising their arms the group makes quick work of the foul creatures. Just as they struck down the last visible foe, Another arrow is loosed from the opposite treeline. Unaware, nose in book, Nuggèt von Chrönléif XXXXII takes the arrow deep in his side and collapses. Seeing his new companion unconscious Quinton Tipple quickly runs to his side to administer aid as the source of the arrow flees into the trees.
The Chase
Emboldened by their first kills ( and first near death ), The adventurers crudely hide their supply cart and chased the source of the arrow into the forest. After a short while tracking they came to a cave entrance along a heavily wooded area. Quinton Tipple angered by the creatures lack of respect for life and their attack on his new friend, charged the cave entrance banging his shield. In response he is promptly pin cushioned by arrows from a hidden blind and falls to the ground holding his wounds. Angar Bloodfist and Erathar Frostfall charge the blind and make quick work of the archers as Nuggèt von Chrönléif XXXXII attempts to tend to Quinton Tipple’s wounds.

We leave our adventurers outside the cave, surrounding their wounded friend, Contemplating their next move.



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