Dungeons: The Dragoning

1.3 Red Branding Hot


We fast forward to us walking into Phandalin. This is where we need to deliver the supplies that we were closely guarding, and where the Lord’s Alliance member Iarno went before Sildar and Gundren to grab supplies and rations before their journey to Wave Echo Cave.

Sildar walks briskly towards the Stone Hill Inn which is owned by Toblin Stonehill and a few members of the party follow. While others deliver the wagon full of supplies where a 40 year old human declares “You’re late!!!”. He inspects the wagon and see the Blue Lion emblem on the crates with rope in it and says that we should take it to Lenine Graywind who is the owner of these supplies. They show up and she is at first apprehensive about how they obtained it but then shortly bartered for the location of the rest of the supplies.

The group in the Inn finds out information about the Red Brands who are a gang that hassles businesses for protection. They are identified by the red arm band and can be found in the Sleeping Giant Taphouse. We find out horrible things that the Red Brands have done such as murder a whole family after moving in 5 months ago. In the recent 2 months they have become an even bigger problem.

The two groups meet in the street as QTip shows the awesome woman’s garb that he bought for Arathor and its a lavendar and flower covered ______.

So Nugget is drunk because he is a lightweight bitch and is thought that he is going to another taphouse to drink. He is having a conversation with himself thinking his friends are right behind him. Two Red Brands on the front porch of the bar get up and begin to walk aggressively toward him. Nugget is startled and looks back to see his friends 50 feet back. He is unable to muster enough courage to stand his ground and he immediately begins to retreat towards his friends thinking this is a bad idea.

Against best judgement the party attacks and in the scuffle Arathor runs inside where the door is closed and locked behind him. Arathor is pummeled and unconscious in the back room. Rosetta attacked and unconscious. Nugget tries to smooth over the situation by charming one of the Red Brands in the scuffle, “Hey Jimmy, you know me, we good Jimmy, lets just let this misunderstanding blow over and lets have a drink.”, They are just about to agree to a settlement over beers, and Angar strikes to incite the battle once more. We pummel the guys outside. One knocks on the door to let them in and his friends inside grabbed him and pulled him in with Q and A taking Opportunity attacks on this maneuver. QTip runs in to see Arathor’s boddy gone. The ruffians run out and we kill the rest.

The bartender is not happy with us because we killed all of her business and made a mess of the place. We tried to smooth it out with giver her gold and she decides that for now we are ok and gives us fresh glasses and beer. We hear a thumping upstairs and the owner comes down mad.

Other notes:
1. Nundro and Tharden (Gundren’s Bros) reside outside of town.



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