Halia Thornton

Guildmaster of Phandalin's Miner's Exchange


Guildmaster of Phandalin’s Miner’s Exchange.
Member of the The Zhentarim.
Fat, white-haired, smokes cigars.


Halia, along with her ranger hireling, finds the party hiding in the Edermath barn their first morning in Phandalin. She offers them a job: Eliminate the Redbrand leader, Glasstaff, and bring her any correspondence found in his quarters. Says the Redbrands are bad for business.
Reveals the Redbrands are linked to the Cragmaw and have a goblin minion serving them who might know the way to Cragmaw Castle.

Halia was happy to see the party return, and she bought them rounds of drinks.

Halia Thornton

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