Dungeons: The Dragoning

1.4 Half Mast for GlassStaff

After the scuffle with the Red Brands we find ourselves hurt, tired, and wide eyed from the experience. We decide that we should probably find some place to sleep in order to get our strength back.

We know of an old adventurer named ________ that lives in the town. He has a barn that is suitable for us so we decide to mosey down to his house uncovered in the middle of day. Surely people must have seen us.

We knock on the door and he shuttles us in asking us some questions. We convince him that we are against the Red Brands and to let us in for a place to sleep. He agrees and we find a nice cozy place in the barn to sleep.

During the night we get woken up by Halia Thornton a fat woman who is the Phandalin Miner’s Exchange Guild Master. She tells us that she will pay us to go to Tricindar manner whoere the Red Brand leader named Glasstaff resides.

After we rest we make our way on the journey towards that direction. But we realize we may want to be a bit more careful this time instead of just waltzing in the front door. So we decide to try the southern side to scope out a possible safer entrance.

As we make it around the area we notice a child playing in the fields along with his mother who quickly becomes nervous as she notices our presence. Eventually we get a chance to speak to Carp and he tells us that where he saw deers path through the thicket at the base of the hills there is an entrance to the manor’s basement.

As enter we make our way around a bit more stealthy until we come upon Glasstaff. Nugget Mage Hand’s his staff to himself and we more or less beat him down.

Other things we learned:
1. Darren Eatermath tells us that in Netheril the prospectors were chased away by zombies and he needs us to investigate. He will pay us.
2. Othar Froom part of the Order of the Guantlet is Qtips Friend who is also friends with Darren Eatermath .
3. Sister Garaele is the priest of Tymora and can help us find Cragmaw Castle. She is also in charge of the shrine of luck in Zentarym.
4. ThunderTree after undead, the alchemy shop under the shelves is emerald jewelry
5. Glasstaff is a wizard and has bugbears working for him. Black spider sent at least 3 bugbears to aid Glass Staff



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