Dungeons: The Dragoning

1.2 Let's put faces to crates

After we short rest and regain our conciousness a bit, we decide to sneak into the goblin lair. Rosetta Vittori being as sneaky as she can be slides across the fields towards the rock wall in order to get a look inside the cave to scout the area. She tip toed across so quietly, she didn’t notice the rock sitting directly in her path and trips over it. Rosetta Vittori gracefully shoots up and brushes herself off as she gallops the rest of the way to the rock wall.

Rosetta Vittori carefully uses her hand mirror to look around the corner and sees goblins which were dispersed quickly. The hallway is long and curves to the right with stairs directly to our right. The group decides that we should check out this room where a pack of 3 wolves were discovered chained to rocks. Walfinas Richon slowly creeps up the stairs with a handful of goblin flesh as the rabid wolves salivate furiously. As he throws large chunks of meat to the hungry wolves he calms them and handles them successfully into trusting him and eating his meat.

There is a chimney in the corner of the room so Erathar Frostfall decides it is a good idea to climb it in order to get a better view of the surrounding area. As he makes it towards the top he looks down onto a large Bugbear and a wolf.

Shortly thereafter a makeshift bomb comes down the chimney, fuse burning and all. An attempt was made by Erathar Frostfall with his monk-like quickness to try to throw it back up the chimney, but he was clearly not dextrous enough. Rosetta Vittori was luckily close enough to grab the bomb and make a throwing attempt as well. Unfortunately, for Nuggèt von Chrönléif XXXXII and Walfinas Richon she decided to throw it towards them and into the water. After a successful dodge it diffused in the water without an explosion. Nuggèt von Chrönléif XXXXII is so flustered by the bombs and crates falling he neglects to tell his mates that he has spotted a goblin on the bridge up above.

Rosetta Vittori then decides she should climb the chimney now. As she climbs up a large wooden crate hits her right in the face. She slides down and we decide maybe we should devise another plan. How about we go around!

The team makes a trek through the water getting hit by a couple waves of water along the way. Those of us not quick enough get thrown back and drenched in water, those of us quick enough make it out of the way, and those of us dumb enough and heavy enough drag along the bottom (ahem! Quinton Tipple)

As we make it along we encounter a group of goblins, a bug bear, and some more wolves. Angar Bloodfist does his best Dolph Lundgren impression and destroys some of these goblins while Nuggèt von Chrönléif XXXXII successfully puts some baddies to sleep. Some of the team goes pokey pokey and some goes blasty blasty. Eventually some goblins run away in fear and we plunder the riches.

Next we decide we are going to go deeper and cross the bridge that we noticed in the previous hallway. We fall upon a group of goblins sleeping around a fire and Sildar is held hostage on a ledge by another goblin. We dispatch the goblins handily with some slashy slashy and decide to try to kill the goblin holding Sildar in 1 shot. Unfortunately, we did not and Sildar gets dropped onto his head and is near death. Nuggèt von Chrönléif XXXXII tries to patch Sildar up but he is unsuccessful in his panicked state.

We feed Sildar one of our only potions and bring him to life. Flarb was very disappointed that we let Flerb live of all the goblins in the fucking tribe. He wanted to die when he realized we killed all of his family and friends except for Flerb. We question remaining goblin and he says Gundren is at Kragmaw Castle stating similar to what Flerb had told us as well.

He also disclosed that the Black Spider scares King Groll the head of Kragmaw Castle into doing bad things.

Sildar said that they got ambushed on the trail and dragged here and were tortured. Flarb says there may be a basement but not sure how to get in there. Rockseeker Brothers who are 2 of Gundren’s Brothers have located the entrance to Wave Echo Cave. These are mines from the time of Phandelin Pact which was created 500 years ago to share the mineral wealth and spell power derived from these mines. There is a Forge of spells where magic items are to be crafted. Disaster struck when orcs killed all of these people 500 years ago. The cave is mostly destroyed for the last 500 years but has now been found. Gundren has map to Wave Echo Cave which is why he was kidnapped and brought to Krawmaw Castle.

WE GAINED LEVEL 2 and have 325 XP



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